We offer secure, CCTV monitored, outdoor storage for single and twin axle caravans and motorhomes.  We have been storing caravans for over twenty years.  Access is freely, but securely available 365 days a year within daylight hours.

  • Each client is allocated their own dedicated numbered pitch, so you always return your caravan to your ‘own’ pitch each time, no searching out an empty pitch. 
  • We do not require notification prior to you taking your caravan out or returning it, unless this will be outside our normal daylight hours.
  • There is no blocking in of caravans by other caravans, so you don’t need to give advance notice of going away, just turn up, hitch on and go!
  • Due to this the chance of damage occurring to your caravan whilst in store is minimal
  • We are open outside normal ‘office hours’ as we live on site
  • If you require any assistance with anything, just ask, we can generally help

For those wishing to holiday on our caravan site and also store their caravan with us we offer the convenience of a tow on and/or off service so that on arrival your caravan is on it's pitch leveled up and with the steadies wound down.


Caravan and Motor Home Storage

As from 1st January 2015 the storage charges will be as follows:
At least six months must be paid in advance                                                                                     
  All Caravans and Motorhomes
Per week £5.00 /wk
Six months £120.00 /six months
Full Year £240.00 per year




Motor homes – charge dependant upon size


Other Services

Calor Gas - Propane and Butane available Current retail prices
Batteries charged £2.00
Caravan tow-on or tow-off (Storage to holiday site or vice versa) £7.00 each way
Water to wash caravan £1.50


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